A Breast Lift Can Restore Your Youthful Bustline

Time, gravity and body composition changes can sometimes join forces to alter the shape, size and profile of your breasts. This can cause breast tissues to sag and the areola to change shape, potentially leading to stretch marks on the skin. If you are unhappy with the appearance of your... Read more »

Facts About Fat Grafting

There is much talk, interest and activity surrounding the relocation of fat from one part of the body to another for the purposes of augmentation either of the buttock or the breast. The popular phrase is "fat transfer," but a more realistic name for this procedure is fat grafting. "Transfer"sounds... Read more »

Laser Resurfacing Can Help Minimize a Scar’s Appearance

Significant burns, old wounds, irregular lacerations, and cuts that become infected before healing can sometimes develop a scar. While some scars naturally reduce in appearance with age, many remain. If the dermal aberration is in a highly visible location can have a negative impact on your self-image and self-confidence.  ... Read more »

Electronic Medical Records: Great Capability With Poor Adaptability

Medical records were intended to present the clinical care , progress, and thought process in treating patients. With the computer a new level of clear (legible and organized) documentation became possible. This in the light of ever increasing liability in every sector of our society has made the EMR the... Read more »

A Highly Visible Wart Might Need to Be Professionally Excised

Warts differ from moles, in that they are caused by a keratin virus. The body’s natural reaction to the microbial invader causes a buildup of hard keratin from deep within the dermal layers. While this is rarely painful, it can prove to be cosmetically embarrassing. If you have a wart... Read more »

A Minor Scar Might Be Reduced by a Laser Resurfacing Treatment

Scars are essentially dermal aberrations that are often associated with a past laceration or burn that healed abnormally. In some of these cases, a latent infection could also have interrupted the skin’s natural ability to heal. Sometimes even a minor scar in a highly visible location can have a significant... Read more »

An Unappealing Mole Can Be Removed in an Outpatient Appointment

It’s estimated that the average person has around 40 to 300 moles on their body. These minor dermal aberrations are often caused by hyperpigmentation of skin cells. Both environmental and genetic factors can play a significant role in the number and size of the warts on your body. It’s also... Read more »

Understanding Rhinoplasty

Do you feel nervous about your nose or physical appearance? If so, you are not alone. Thousands of people worry about their appearance. With your nose in the middle of your face, it’s easy to feel embarrassed or self-conscious about it. That is why many people choose to have a... Read more »

A Breast Reduction Can Reduce Back Pain

For many people, having a breast reduction can be a life-savor. Large breasts can become heavy and put a strain on your body causing pain which can lead to chronic problems in your back, neck, and shoulders. Luckily, there is a solution to this problem by having a breast reduction... Read more »

Correcting Nipple Inversion

There has been an increased interest in nipple surgery recently due its presence and variation on the internet. Approximately 15% of women have nipples that are inverted and there has been a surge of interest in correcting this abnormality. The popularity can be attributed to a greater awareness that correction... Read more »