Gynecomastia is the medical name given to large amounts of glandular tissue or fat in male chests that produce the appearance of breasts.  This embarrassing condition may be a result of obesity, hormone imbalance, certain medications, and even bodily changes during puberty.  Regardless of the cause, our board-certified plastic surgeon can eliminate the problem through a male breast reduction procedure.  We invite you to contact us at 203-245-0350 to make your appointment and learn more about gynecomastia and male breast reduction treatments in Madison, Connecticut, and Providence, Rhode Island.

Treating gynecomastia will depend on what is causing your enlarged breasts.  If fat along is causing the issue, our doctor may be able to successfully reduce your breast size with a simple liposuction procedure.  However, if excessive glandular tissue is contributing to your male breasts, Dr. Leon Goldstein may need to make slightly larger incisions through which this tissue can be fully removed.  When you come to The Office of Dr. Leon Goldstein, we will work with you to customize a procedure that meets your exact needs.

Once fat and glandular tissue has been removed, they cannot come back. This does not mean that new fat cannot accumulate should you lapse into an unhealthy or sedentary lifestyle. Therefore, the best way to maintain your male breast reduction results is through adopting a healthy lifestyle.

We recommend eating a well-balanced diet and getting at least two hours of moderate exercise every week. Many men choose to enhance their results through weight-lifting or another body-building routine.  Some choose to work individually with personal trainers, such as in Rhode Island and in Connecticut.  While these steps are entirely up to you, they can significantly improve the appearance of your upper body and help prevent gynecomastia from reoccurring. Dr. Leon Goldstein will discuss these things with you in greater detail during your initial consultation.

If you are suffering from gynecomastia and live in the southern New England area, please contact The Office of Dr. Leon Goldstein today to schedule an initial consultation with our skilled and experienced doctor.