As you age, collagen production will diminish, your skin will lose elasticity, and the fatty cells underneath your skin responsible for a full, youthful appearance will lessen. The end result of these factors is the appearance of wrinkles, sunken skin, and a more aged facial appearance.

For some people, surgical procedures such as a facelift are best for addressing the signs of aging, but for others, surgical techniques are entirely unnecessary. Dr. Leon Goldstein offers a range of injectable facial fillers, such as Radiesse®, but these are also not ideal for every patient. For a natural, less invasive, and completely safe alternative to dermal fillers, Dr. Goldstein is pleased to offer fat transfer for facial rejuvenation.

Fat from your own body is more likely to be accepted via injections, producing a soft, natural-looking appearance without the risks of allergic reaction. In addition, your body reabsorbs its own fat slower than artificially derived facial fillers, allowing your results to last for years as opposed to only a few months. While your results will vary, it has been found that 35 percent of the fat from these injections lasts for upwards of two to three years, outlasting even the most advanced facial fillers.

To obtain fat for injection into your face, Dr. Goldstein must first harvest it with liposuction from another area of your body. This allows Dr. Goldstein to sculpt and tone other areas of your body such as hips, abdomen, buttocks, or back as well as produce a more youthful appearance in the face. During your initial consultation, Dr. Goldstein will be able to determine which areas of your body will be best for supplying the necessary fat for your transfer.

No single option is going to be right for everyone. Dr. Goldstein will work closely with you, paying attention to your unique body type and aesthetic goals to help you determine if facial rejuvenation through fat transfer can help achieve your desired outcome.  Many times, fat transfer coupled with facelift will restore a more youthful face.

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