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Dr. Goldstein did my abdominoplasty on 2-9-24, and I feel absolutely amazing. I’m honored to tell people that I am his patient. The work he does is simply breathtaking. I would scream it from mountain tops if I could. I was incredibly uncomfortable in own skin. My job is very labor intensive, and because of that I would get rashes, cysts, infections, and pustules under my stomach. And the overhang was giving me excruciating back pain. How I felt about myself and my body was very, very unhealthy and depressing. And no matter how much weight I lost or how healthy I became, my stomach just hung there. Pulling me down, spirit and all. This man has changed my life. I can actually put clothes on without standing in the mirror crying, self- sabatoging or feeling ashamed of myself. I no longer want to hide. For the first time in my life, I feel beautiful. And not just because my body is more appealing, but because my spirit and love for life has come back. I wish there was a way I could thank him. I wish I could make him feel how he made me feel, even for 5 minutes, so he could truly know what he did for me. He is smart, gentle, charming and his level of education is out of this world. you would be crazy not to choose Dr. Goldstein at coastal plastic surgery center for any cosmetic procedure. As far as I’m concerned Dr. Goldstein is a hero.

E. A., March 2024


Throughout my experience with Dr Goldstein he has always been patient, kind, professional and personable. He is sensitive to the fact that when one decides to have plastic surgery it can be intimidating and a hard decision to make but he listened and answered all of my questions without any pressure to move forward. Once I decided to go through with having a face lift he made sure I understood everything that would be happening, what I should expect during recovery and most importantly how long I would have to wait before exercising. I am thrilled with the results and have received numerous compliments from both people who knew about it and those who didn’t. The ultimate critique given by my mother “You are gorgeous! I didn’t think you needed a facelift but now that I see the results I understand.” The bottom line is the investment is a long term strategy not short term results and I know that in 10 years I will continue to look like I do now and I am grateful! I highly recommend Dr. Goldstein he is a wonderful doctor and person.

P. H., May 2022


Great experience!!
From my initial consult for breast augmentation to my post op appointments Dr. Goldstein and his staff have been professional, friendly and caring. This made me feel comfortable and that is important with this type of surgery. They welcomed questions throughout the process and took the time necessary to answer. I am very happy with my results. I recommend him highly and would use him again.

K. S., October 2021


Dr. Goldstein quite literally gave me my life back, and I highly recommend him as a plastic surgeon , especially to any one seeking a breast reduction. He is incredibly professional, knowledgable, kind, and personable. Dr. Goldstein always took the time to answer my questions and concerns, and always ensured that I felt heard. From my initial appointment to my last, I knew that I was in incredible hands. My surgery went wonderfully, the majority of my scarring has faded, and even though my surgery was less than a year ago, I have 90%—95% of my sensation back. The staff is also incredibly friendly and happy to accommodate individuals with busy schedules. Again, I would recommend Dr. Goldstein to anyone seeking a plastic surgeon.

S. A., August 2021


Dr Goldstein is WONDERFUL! Very caring and experienced. I had two concurrent procedures that were further complicated by an umbilical hernia he detected on surgery day! He handled it all (found a general surgeon to accompany him to repair the hernia so I didn’t have to reschedule) and the follow-ups have been enjoyable. HIGHLY recommend this office. Everyone in the office is very friendly! I’m THRILLED with the outcome. I’ve even referred a handful of friends who have booked with him for similar procedures because the results speak for themselves.

C. L., May 2021


I have been a patient for Dr. Leon Goldstein over 7 years. Very trusted professional, I have done multiple skin laser resurfacing with him and i have very good skin now. I highly recommended him for any facial laser resurfacing. skin pigmentation treatment and all other skin related problems.

J. P., April 2021


I had breast augmentation and felt that Dr Goldstein was very attentive. He listened to all my concerns and answered any and all questions I came up with. I never had to wait to get into an appointment and all services including the scheduling of the surgery was very quick and efficient. Denise the receptionist at the Providence office is spectacular!

E. B., February 2021


Dr. Goldstein is an excellent plastic surgeon, he combines expertise and willingness to listen and discuss.  I felt at ease and confident, receiving a first rate professional experience from a knowledgeable board certified plastic surgeon.  The staff is great, very accommodating and friendly.  I was extremely pleased with the overall experience and highly recommend.

A. T., November 2020


Dr. Goldstein is exactly what I was looking for in a cosmetic surgeon. He is a skilled professional, and is also a very kind and compassionate person. From our first meeting, he helped me to set realistic goals for my surgical results, and I felt that he had my best interest at heart every step of the way. I am extremely happy with the results of my procedure, and the process was relatively stress-free. Dr. Goldstein provided excellent pre and post-surgical instructions which were easy to follow. What really set him apart is the level of care that I received. Dr. Goldstein called me to check in both the night before and morning after surgery, and patiently answered every question that I had throughout the entire process. Furthermore, his staff was fantastic to work with. They were knowledgeable, compassionate, and kind – it is clear that Dr. Goldstein’s priorities are reflected throughout his practice. I’d have no hesitations going back for other cosmetic procedures or treatments. I highly recommend Dr. Goldstein!

R. G., January 2020


I had a breast reduction 1 year ago. It’s the best thing I have done for myself. I regret not doing it sooner. Dr. Goldstein and staff are very professional and friendly as well. They made me feel very comfortable during my visits. I highly recommend Dr. Goldstein for any plastic surgery!! Thank you!!”

L. C., November 2019


Dr. Goldstein is the best! I am extremely pleased with the outcome of my procedure. He is a highly skilled surgeon and has an amazing bedside manner, with a follow up and patient communication that is unlike any other I have experienced. His office staff are attentive and kind. I felt at ease through the entire process and knew I was in the best of hands! I highly recommend him!

J. P., November 2019


I had breast reduction due to many back surgeries. Dr. Goldstein is very professional.
His staff are also great. I had a great experience with this practice and would recommend Dr. Goldstein to anyone having cosmetic surgery. I feel so much better with reduction. And the doctor done a great job.

Thank you so much for being a caring practice.

G. B., February 2019


I am so pleased with the results of my facial surgery.  Dr. Goldstein was very professional, kind, and compassionate.  He took time to explain and reassure me before, as well as after my surgery.  My friends and family have told me how natural I look.  The nursing staff at Westerly Hospital were accommodating and courteous.  His office staff is lovely and willing to accommodate my needs when needed.

-E. G., January 2019


I had breast reduction due to many back surgeries. Dr. Goldstein is very professional. His staff are also great. I had a great experience with this practice and would recommend Dr. Goldstein to anyone having cosmetic surgery. I feel so much better with reduction. And the doctor done a great job.  Thank you so much for being a caring practice.

-G. B., January 2019


I went to Dr. Goldstein a year ago for surgery. He was very patient and explained everything for the preparation of gynocomastic surgery. NEVER did I have to wait extensively to see him, always on time! He explained the procedure and made it painless. DO GET THE COMPRESSION SHIRTS and follow the directions, you will heal just fine. I had my surgery on a Friday and I returned to work the following Monday! Follow his directions. I drank plenty of fluids and ate good proteins to heal faster. Go to all follow up appointments. Trust me at 42 years old I regret not doing this surgery sooner. it is WELL worth it. I highly recommend Dr. Goldstein!

-C. B., December 2018


I went to Dr. Goldstein a year ago for surgery. He was very patient and explained everything for the preparation of gynocomastic surgery. NEVER did I have to wait extensively to see him, always on time! He explained the procedure and made it painless. DO GET THE COMPRESSION SHIRTS and follow the directions, you will heal just fine. I had my surgery on a Friday and I returned to work the following Monday! Follow his directions. I drank plenty of fluids and ate good proteins to heal faster. Go to all follow up appointments. Trust me at 42 years old I regret not doing this surgery sooner. it is WELL worth it. I highly recommend Dr. Goldstein!

-C. B., November 2018


I wanted Dr. Goldstein to take care of some extra stomach fat and skin I needed help with, Dr.Goldstein was able to help me. He was there every step to make sure I healed great and I did. I am 7 weeks out from my surgery and feel amazing I was from a size 16 pants and L top to a 13/14 pants and a S/M top. His is a nice and helpful man and his workers are great too. If you need any type of cosmetic surgery please check him out… He has two locations to make it easier for people to get an appointment. Trust me you will not think twice with choosing him.

-R. O., November 2018


Dr. Goldstein is a surgeon I have trusted for decades.  Beginning with breast augmentation over twenty years ago and throughout the years having several other surgeries performed by him, I have always been completely satisfied and extremely happy with the results.  Therefore, when it came time to give myself a retirement “gift”, I naturally turned to him.  Once again, I am thoroughly satisfied.  He is not only a wonderful doctor, but a kind, warm and caring person who makes you feel completely comfortable and at ease.”

-T. M., November 2018


I did all my research before picking. I can not stress how thankful I am that I went with Dr. Goldstein. This was my first ever surgery. His assistant (at the RI office) is so nice. She really was so caring and kind and it added to my great experience. Everyone I’ve dealt with through Dr. Goldstein’s practice has been very pleasant and helpful. Dr. Goldstein was very good at listening to what I wanted and explaining all the options best for me and how to achieve them. Right from day 1 at my consultation, all the way through surgery and post ops and appointments he always explained everything, never judged or made me feel uncomfortable, and his work is amazing. I’m am so pleased with my results and would confidently recommend him to anyone I know. Today was my last visit for the surgery I just recently had done.. (sad face) If or when I need or want another surgery I wouldn’t think of calling anyone else. Amazing experience. Thank you.

-N. G., November 2018


Dr. Goldstein is the consummate professional. I trusted his recommendations 5 years ago and I am still enjoying the results of my surgery. I had a speedy recovery and my results were so natural looking! Five years later I am still so happy with Dr. Goldstein and the surgery he did. I did my research before picking a plastic surgeon and I’m so grateful I did because it was clear from our first meeting he was different and operating on a higher level.

-B. G., August 2018


My first couple of surgeries with another doctor for a breast reduction went horribly wrong. I felt like a freak and in pain for years. I was referred to Dr. Goldstein and he is a God send. He is an amazing doctor with a wonderful bedside manor. I have had a couple issues with the healing but he has been there every step of the way. My breasts are looking great, no more pain and I now have much more self confidence in how I look and feel. I would recommend him… Anyone want to reach out to me please message me. Let me also state I was very nervous about going to Westerly Hospital for the surgery, but what a great hospital from the time I walked in the front door, pre-op, post-op, nurses and everyone the whole experience was amazing and would recommend the hospital as well. So very happy!!!

-M. B., July, 2018


I am thrilled with the results of a recent surgery done by Dr. Leon Goldstein. Over the years, I have seen my face and especially, my eyelids change. In the mirror, I seemed to always focus on one eyelid that sagged, making my face seem asymmetrical. Although this wasn’t obvious to others, to me it outweighed everything else. The first step- walking into the office for a consultation was by far the hardest. Now, my only regret is that I didn’t undergo the eyelid surgery and facelift earlier. As soon as I was in Dr. G’s office, I was treated with sensitivity and professionalism, from his staff and by this gifted doctor. 

Dr. G is clearly a perfectionist, and is treated by hospital staff with respect and warmth. The nurses seemed as excited as I was with the upcoming procedure, telling me he is known for his “Gorgeous eyes.” I felt very lucky to be one of his patients throughout the entire process. 

I was amazed by the results! Dr. Goldstein’s aftercare was beyond my expectations. He is warm, caring, reassuring, and utterly professional. He explains each step and meets every concern with complete centered attention. Another surprise was the speed of the healing. It was incredibly fast due to following his tips and instructions, and I was happily surprised that 10 days later, it was easy to hide any evidence of a surgical procedure. To me- the change was incredible- I looked better than I did 30 years ago! The questions from friends and colleagues all centered around did I lose weight? go on vacation? etc.  Somehow, with the help of this incredible doctor and his talented staff, I was able to have a huge improvement to my appearance, and yet keep it a secret.  

-E. L., December 2017


Very professional, well planned and exceptionally executed procedures was my experience with Dr. Goldstein and his staff. I had two operations and both went as smooth as could be, the down time was minimal and the follow up appointments a breeze.  I would recommend Dr. Goldstein hands down above any other surgeons, and I have.

-S. T., November 2017

My first and recent surgery was well planned and followed by Dr. Goldstein and his office staff. Appointments were always on time and conducted professionally as well as all paperwork was clear and concise. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Goldstein for your plastic surgery needs. He demonstrates caring, confidence and capability in both his office and in his surgeries. I am very pleased with the new me and will appreciate myself for a long time.

-L. H., October 2017

Dr. Goldstein and his staff(Michelle) made me feel very comfortable. When I’m out with friends they say I look refreshed and happy. I thought about this procedure for awhile. Should I or should I not, well the right decision was made. I’m 1 year out and feel fabulous! Thanks to you!

-S. B., October 2017

Amazing results!! Dr. Goldstein gave me his full attention before, during and after the surgery. I couldn’t be happier!

-J. G., May 2017

When considering elective surgery I wished to obtain information from a couple of professionals in determining whether a surgical procedure was right for me, after all, it was elective and not necessary. One doc, whom shall remain nameless, spoke to me enthusiastically about making me look great with a breast lift and augmentation, and I drove home with a disturbing image of a Barbie doll in my mind. Then I was referred to Dr.Goldstein by a very reliable person and I made an appointment for a consultation. I was relieved that Dr. Goldstein was not trying to sell me a product or image, but was speaking directly to me about options and realistic expectations. As a slightly older woman, I had become self-conscience of my sagging breasts and contemplated whether a lift and possible augmentation would improve my quality of life. Dr. Goldstein listened carefully while I described my reservation to a fake-looking body and he recommended just the lift during the consult (which I was more comfortable with). I now feel more confident and more like the “me” I was before breastfeeding and the gravity of age. I found Dr. Goldstein to be honest and kind during each and every appointment, and to be a person of great integrity and work ethic. I no longer feel self-conscience about old, sagging breasts (I can enjoy wearing a bathing suit!), and I appreciate the attentiveness received throughout the healing process. If I were to opt for another procedure, I would completely trust Dr. Goldstein’s surgical ability and post-op care!

-D. B., September 2017

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re wondering if Dr.Goldstein is right for you?

From my experience, the answer is an unequivocal yes! I underwent a abdominoplasty(tummy tuck) with Dr.Goldstein, and rest assured, Dr. Goldstein is a highly experienced, capable and caring surgeon. From the initial consultation, through the procedure, to the aftercare follow-up, he demonstrated a thorough and genuine commitment to me as a patient, and his primary goal was to ensure the best possible outcome. I am very pleased with my results.Right from the start, he listened carefully to my objectives and took the time to fully answer all of my questions. There were never any crazy-long waits or dysfunction. His office manager, Michelle, was a pleasure to work with. She fielded all of my phone calls, helped coordinate hospital arrangements, and did it all in a friendly, comforting manner.
So if you’re considering any type of plastic surgery, I encourage you to consider Dr. Goldstein. His decades of experience, combined with his caring manner, make him a rarity in the overcrowded field of plastic surgeons. All I have to say is Go-Go- Goldstein!

-V. G., March 2016

I had my first facelift at age 40. 23 years later, I was very unhappy with my sagging neck and hooded eyes. I am thrilled with the results from my procedures. My incisions healed quickly. I was taking pictures in a photoshoot 2 weeks after the surgery! The results are amazing. I look very natural and rejuvenated. I no longer see an old woman in the mirror!!

Dr. Goldstein is a wonderful surgeon. As I waited in outpatient surgery, I chatted with some of the OR nurses who reported that his facial cosmetic surgeries are top notch. They reported that he is the best surgeon around especially for eye lifts. It takes, not only a skilled surgeon, but an artist to achieve the best results. Dr. Goldstein is superb. I felt comfortable with Dr. Goldstein from my first appointment. He listened to my concerns, answered all my questions and spent a great deal of time with me to make me feel comfortable. His aftercare was superb. He called after my surgery and answered my call in the evening when I needed special medication phoned into the pharmacy.

-N. J., January 2016

The two things that bother me the most are the lines above my lips and the eyelids. I was referred to Dr. Leon Goldstein by my dermatologist.

I went to see him concerning the lines above my lips. While I was there, I asked him about the eyelids, he recommended we do the eyelids and he would do the laser treatment on my lips as a complimentary service. Dr. Goldstein explained exactly what would take place in both procedures. Have to say, just felt confident from the first visit. We met again and booked the surgery. This is the best investment I’v made for myself. You want to feel good about yourself go see Dr. Goldstein, he can fix it for you! Totally satisfied!!!

-L. L., September 2015

I had considered having breast surgery for many years. When I was pregnant with my first child, I decided I wouldn’t worry about what might happen to my body’s appearance due to pregnancy and breastfeeding. I wanted to focus on health and my baby. Three children later, and an additional 15 years, I had a slender body that had weathered the ups and downs of motherhood, breastfeeding, etc. I realized though, I longed for a better proportioned body. Although I was slim and toned, my breasts were actually smaller than before I had children. I also felt- my time had come. For so long, I had put my children first and now wanted to take a look at the life I saw before me. I had taken excellent care of myself and wanted the reward of having a truly beautiful body.
I was very nervous about contacting a plastic surgeon, and at times felt selfish. The cost was hard to justify, yet at some point I had enough courage to research the doctors in the state. I looked to see where they had studied, their qualifications, certifications, etc. I was struck by the enormous amount of information and choices- incision site, under the muscle, over the muscle, the shape of the implant and type, etc. I realized how little I knew to make so many decisions, especially since this was a new experience. How could I possibly make the right choices? I decided to choose the most qualified doctor, looking beyond the numerous before and after pictures, and testimonials, and put my faith in the place it belonged- the expert. I was also impressed by the fact that my doctor did not publish photos, choosing rather to protect his patents’ privacy. This was perfect- I was reassured by this philosophy and somewhat unconventional approach.
I made a request for a consultation with the doctor I felt was the most qualified, due to his credentials and education. I was also struck by the calm authority and confidence he projected on his youtube videos. I really didn’t want to be part of a team making the decisions, I wanted to hear expert advice, and go from there. I wasn’t disappointed.
I had my consultation and was surprised to see how non-threatening the process was. I felt apprehensive to be 50 and considering a procedure that clearly was designed to make me more attractive. It seemed too late, but I was determined to at least explore the options. I owed it to myself.
It’s been a year later, and I still feel it was one of the best decisions of my life. Dr. Goldstein was incredible, and his staff made the entire process actually pleasant and almost painless. I have never felt so important in a medical situation. Each support person went out of her way to be informative, pleasant, and very caring. The actual procedure was almost painless. I was so excited the morning of the surgery because of the thoroughness of my doctor and his staff- they instill confidence due to their experience and attitude. The results were beyond my expectations. I hoped for youthful full breasts but didn’t expect the effect of having different proportions. My waist now looked tiny, my posture seemed better, and needless to say- I smile much more now. Another unexpected bonus- my clothes looked much more appealing. I felt I had a whole new wardrobe.
I feel so much more like the real “me” than I ever did before the surgery. I wish I had known it was going to be so positive, and painless- I would have done it years before. This isn’t something a woman does to improve her appearance for men- it’s something a woman does for herself.

Dr. Goldstein is a wonderful doctor. He is a combination of strict professionalism, yet mixed with a warm, humorous personality. He is an authoritative doctor who clearly has years of excellent experience backed by a top level education in plastic surgery. He has a great deal of patience and truly listens to questions and concerns. In a very short time, I felt comfortable sharing any concerns or fears, as well as expectations. He gave very easy to understand advice, complete with reasons for his views. His confidence and experience calmed any fears I had, and he made me feel very important. Like his staff, he gave much more time and attention than I ever expected. He was a constant presence before and after the actual surgery. I was very surprised when he called personally to check on me after the procedure. I made two great decisions- the actual step to have a breast augmentation, and the choice of which doctor to perform it.

-E. L., January 2015

I have struggled with my weight my entire life. After several failed “non-invasive” procedures and thousands of dollars that put me in more debt, I gave up for good on out of home procedures. I decided instead I’d try and change my life by adopting diet and exercise habits that would stick. I had been on numerous diets before, tried exercising and even tried supplements but NOTHING worked. This time, I had a total different mentality. I wanted to like working out, I wanted to like eating healthy and overall I wanted to like myself. I was halfway through my senior year of high school when prom time rolled around. I weighed about 230 pounds and realized that not ONE dress fit me and the ones that did looked absolutely awful. This was in April of 2013. I met with Dr. Leon Goldstein in Providence in June 2014. I first went for a Brazilian Butt lift consultation. I wanted the fat from my stomach and thighs to be redirected into my butt. He was incredibly nice and helpful but told me that that wasn’t the procedure for me. He also encouraged me to try and lose weight before considering any form of liposuction. I think his words are what seriously motivated me. I lost about 15 pounds in 1 1/2 months after visiting with him. I became a vegetarian, exercised everyday at my local gym (it was really hard but I had to keep telling myself that I LIKED working out) and got a weight loss buddy who suffered from similar weight problems. The 15 pounds I lost then was the most I had ever lost in my life. I was very proud of myself and went back for another consultation with Dr. Goldstein. Soon enough, I had my surgery booked and I would be getting laser liposuction to the upper/lower abdomen and flanks. I went in the day of my surgery at 205 pounds with serious problem areas with high fat concentration.

As of today, January 3, 2015 (a little over 4 months post-op) I weigh 175 pounds. My BMI went from a 36 (obese) to a 27.4 (slightly overweight). I feel great! I have so much energy, I love working out and I still stick to it religiously. I went from a size XXL in shirts to a size L and a size 18 in jeans to a size 12. This procedure was well worth everything and I’m incredibly happy with my results.

Thank you to Dr. Goldstein and the staff at Coastal Plastic Surgery for seeing me through my turn around!

-K. S., January 2015

The greatest experience ever! Love my new breasts. The perfect outcome. Dr G is a perfectionist. Artist, sculpturist, I am going back for belly work. I would only use Dr Goldstein as he knows a females body and what they look for. All procedures are expensive His prices are competitive but I would be afraid to go to someone for less. I have seen several if my friends work done by him. Amazing. I would recommend Dr. G. 100%

-H. W., December 2014

I am a 54-year-old woman who has always considered myself to be rather spiritual… I also felt like I should be content with the way God made me… at the same time I struggled with extremely large breasts for all of my adult life, accompanied with chronic back pain that was at times unbearable…

Then, in the summer of 2012, my life drastically changed when my nephew was killed in a car accident. His two small children, aged 3 and 5, came to live with me and my family… After about a year, I felt like I had to do something drastic to keep up with my new, very hectic life… my children and sister surprised me with a trip to Hawaii. My sister and I had a blast!… Yet, my happiness was clouded with my constant feeling of embarrassment, because of my body, in spite of the fact that I had purchased a bathing suit two sizes too big to fit my breasts. At one point I tried to put on my sister’s bathing suit, but the halter straps were so painful to my neck, I could not even leave my hotel room. I found myself always wrapped in a towel to cover myself. This was the turning point for me! I had to do something, but I was hesitant and nervous about surgery. I finally decided to ask my doctor for a referral, even though I was still very much opposed to surgery.

It was amazing how everything fell into place! I was referred to Dr. Leon Goldstein just for a consultation. I was 90% decided to have to surgery after my initial consult. I found him to be extremely knowledgeable regarding the procedure I was considering. He was kind and supportive in presenting me with the facts. Dr. Goldstein was also very honest and let me know exactly what I should expect. I felt a sense of total peace leaving his office. Had he been at all pushy and forceful in his approach, I’m certain I would have immediately decided against it. I’m thankful this was not the case. Instead, he really listened to me, which was important.

I made it through the surgery successfully, with no complications. My family was extremely relieved and so was I. Other than catching a cold after my surgery, everything went well. In fact, even the cold revealed Dr. Goldstein’s incredible level of care and concern when he personally returned my phone calls. I could never adequately convey how extremely pleased I am with Dr. Goldstein. Throughout my entire experience he has been honest, professional, and knowledgeable, with a notable bedside manner.

I have healed quickly with minimal pain and scaring, just as Dr. Goldstein predicted. Would I recommend Dr. Goldstein? Without a doubt! Based on my completely favorable experience, I would highly recommend him for any of your cosmetic surgery needs. And, yes, am totally at peace with my decision. It has truly been life altering! And I am enjoying getting to know the new me!

-M. O., December 2014

Integrity, competence and empathy were integral in my choice of Dr. Leon Goldstein. My first procedure with him was a laser face peel which yielded beautiful results. Shortly thereafter, I again chose Dr. Goldstein for liposuction of the flank areas. My decision in selecting him involved more than his credibility, board certification and experience. It also involved his honesty in explaining the procedures and what I might realistically expect for results. His care and concern, both before and after surgery, was exceptional. I am so pleased with with my prior procedures that I have scheduled a lower face lift and eyelid rejuvenation. It is a pleasure to give Dr. Leon Goldstein my highest recommendation.

-J. E. S., November 2014

My experience with Dr. Goldstein’s and assistant was excellent. Doctor provided me with all of the information that I needed to hear and more. I was very satisfied and will be looking to going back in a few months. Thank you!

-D. S., October 2013

My whole life I have struggled with my weight, I have been a size 18 and I have been a size 8. I gained 70 pounds with my first child. I ended up with an emergency C-section. My second child I gained 55. At 50 years old I joined a kickboxing program and started dieting, within a year I have lost 60 pounds and am only 10 pounds from my goal. I was very happy, then I would look at the flap of skin hanging at my C-section scar. I made a decision to do something for myself. I decided to get abdominoplasty. Dr. Goldstein made me feel comfortable from the minute I met him, He is a very personable caring doctor with a great concern for his patients. I could talk to him so easily. He also has a great sense of humor which I find so important. His office assistant Monique is so friendly and made every effort to make me feel at home. During my recovery he was always there to answer questions and do anything to make me feel better. I started working again after 2 weeks. After 4 weeks, I am so thrilled with my results, I have never been happier with my body. Dr. Goldstein is an excellent skilled surgeon and he did a fantastic job, the scar is fading already. I would highly recommend him to anyone willing to do something for themselves. I have to admit at first I thought it was very selfish of me to spend money on “plastic surgery” I thought only the rich and famous do things like this, then I thought to myself if I can spend money on other things over the years for my family why feel guilty about doing something for ME? This is the best decision I have ever made for myself. Dr. Goldstein is a phenomenal plastic surgeon.

-A.P, Rhode Island, October 2013

I cannot express enough appreciation to you for your professionalism, skill, and care. Your concern in the planning as well as talent in the execution of my surgery put my mind at ease at every step. A process which ‘could’ have been extremely stressful. The way in which you handled my breast augmentation and minor liposuction has given me a level of self confidence which I can never remember. Your straight forward recommendations and care prior to my surgery, nurses you have working with you, office staff, as well as continued attention in my post op appointments prove to me that I made the right decision in choosing you as my doctor. Most importantly, the outcome proves that I made the right decision for myself! I cannot be happier!

You have truly changing my personal outlook, overall happiness, and how I simply function (physically and mentally) throughout the day. You have made an amazing impact on my quality of life. Thank you so very much!

-L. F., October 2013

In May of 2013, I had a consult with Dr. Goldstein to discuss options for breast enlargement surgery. I had a list of questions and he was very helpful in taking his time to answer all of my concerns and was extremely patient in explaining the entire process from start to finish. I had my procedure a couple weeks later and cannot be happier with the end result! It was one of the most positive experiences I’ve encountered and I wish I had done it sooner. Dr. Goldstein did a fantastic job and made me feel completely comfortable and confident throughout. His office assistant (Michelle) is a joy to work with as she’s also very professional and helpful in my dealings with her. I can highly recommend Dr. Goldstein and I wouldn’t hesitate to return to him for additional procedures in the future when the time is right.

-J. M., July 2013

“I am a professional violinist, former model, and winner of several beauty pageants. As a performer, I am always in the public’s eye. I had been hiding from Father Time for a while, but unfortunately he found me! As a result, I decided it was time for a face lift. I interviewed several plastic surgeons. Immediately I knew I wanted Dr. Goldstein to perform the surgery on me.

He was professional and sensitive to my needs and explained the procedure thoroughly. He also answered my questions with answers a non-medical person could comprehend along with realistic expectations from the surgery.

I am 100% happy with the face lift he performed on me. I have seen the work of other plastic surgeons and there is no comparison whatsoever. I highly recommend and commend Dr. Goldstein for his work.

Father Time is no longer looking for me.”

-C. L., October 2011

“Ever since my teen years, I’ve felt very self conscious about the size of my breasts. I never wanted to participate in any sports because of the pain it caused to my breasts and back no matter what bra I would wear. My entire adult life I purchased clothing that would make me look smaller. At age 42, I finally decided that I was ready for reduction and after some research on the internet and a referral from another doctor, I made an appointment to see Dr. Goldstein.

It was the best thing I’ve ever done for myself! Now that the surgery is done and several months have passed, I look and feel years younger. Instead of constantly covering up, I purchased a bikini to wear at the pool. I feel so much more in proportion and have received constant compliments from people on how great I look (even though they don’t know I had surgery).

Dr. Goldstein is a wonderful and caring person and an awesome surgeon. I highly recommend to anyone having breast reduction to talk with him and let him show you what he can do. Having the surgery has truly changed my life for the better.”

-K.P., August 2011

“Dear Dr. Goldstein,
I would like to take this opportunity to express how thrilled I am with the results of my recent Rhytidectomy and Blepharoplasty. I followed your instructions and found the bruising and discomfort to be minimal. Because of this I was able to resume my regular schedule within a week. You are a very knowledgeable physician and a highly skilled Plastic Surgeon and I would definitely recommend you to anyone considering plastic surgery.”


-J.J., March 2011

“In March of 2009 I underwent repair of diastasis recti and an abdominoplasty with Dr. Goldstein. I am so pleased with the results and grateful to have found such an excellent surgeon. He offers an extremely high quality of care, an artist with a perfectionist’s eye coupled with genuine kindness and efficiency. Dr. Goldstein is not only professional but a wonderful human being who goes beyond the call of duty. I would recommend him to anyone. He’s the best of the best!”

-A.N.M., Rhode Island, 6/29/2009

“After a mini face lift followed by several laser treatments, I feel great, and I am more than pleased with the results. My skin is clear and smooth and the brown spots are gone. The care and attention I received during treatments was exceptional and always professional.”


“In 2002, at the age of 47, I had a blepharoplasty — upper and lower lids. My droopy eyelids and the bags under my eyes made me look like I needed a good night’s sleep — I felt I looked older than I was. Today, 7 years later, I still look great! It was the best decision I ever made! My recovery was a quick 2 weeks and the results were amazing. Dr. Goldstein made me feel comfortable and confident in his abilities every step of the way. The operation made me look “bright” and “well rested” — and younger — And no one ever knew!

If you are considering this operation, I would advise you: “Don’t wait another day! Go for it!”


“At age 29, after 2 pregnancies and nearly 4 years of nursing, I was quite surprised by, and with time, increasingly self conscious and even sad over, the flimsy, drooping, “empty sack” look and feel of my breasts.

I began to explore the possibility of having breast augmentation surgery. It took some time for me to feel comfortable with that consideration because, to be quite honest, I’d always thought of breast implants as merely an elective procedure for exotic dancers, not professional women or moms. But the more research I did and the more familiar I became with the procedure, the clearer it became to me that breast augmentation is relatively common and rewarding for women of various ages, professions, social circles and circumstances.

Although I felt that cost and location should be considered in selecting a practice, I knew that the very most important determining factor would be the qualifications and experience of the surgeon. I knew that in order to feel 100% comfortable with the very personal and enormous decision to have my body surgically altered, I must have complete confidence and trust in the doctor performing the operation.

After viewing Dr. Goldstein’s website, reading his blogs and, eventually, consulting with him in his office, I knew that I had found an honest, experienced and skilled surgeon and a caring, respectful, capable support staff to see me through this procedure.

Now, nearly 5 months after my augmentation surgery, I am amazed at how natural and beautiful my breasts look and feel.

The decision to enhance my figure and restore my confidence in this way has been one of the most beneficial & rewarding in all my life.”

-K, Rhode Island

“After 3 pregnancies, 3 c-sections and a case of diastasis recti, I was very uncomfortable with my body. I felt like I looked pregnant all the time. After meeting with Dr. Goldstein and discussing my options, I was confident enough to go ahead and have a tummy tuck. He made me feel so comfortable and answered all of my questions. I had such a great experience that I would highly recommend him to anyone. I am so confident about my body now and I feel so much stronger. Just 6 months after having the surgery I was able to run in a 4 mile road race in under 36 minutes! I feel great and I am so happy that I went ahead with the procedure. He is wonderful!”

-T.S., 11/18/08

“I have been a patient of Dr. Goldstein since 1997. Over the last 12 years he has performed three procedures on me; Breast reduction, liposuction, and abdominoplasty. I am extremely happy with the results as well as the entire experience. Dr. Goldstein is not only a phenomenal surgeon, he is a wonderful person. He is honest and thorough and legitimately cares for the well being of his patients. I would recommend him to anyone for any procedure!!”