Halloween Witch

I see many people coming into my office concerned about how they appear to others. They sometimes blame their appearance for certain failures in their lives. Unless we look like an evil witch at Halloween nobody notices the imperfections that we see daily in our mirror. Our presentation includes many... Read more »

Hyaluronic Acid Can Be Injected to Adjust Sallow Looking Hands

As you age, your body composition will naturally start to change as a result of hormonal changes, decreased exfoliation, and reduced muscle mass. This can alter the appearance of your face, shoulders, neck, and hands. If your hands have started to look sallow, with large knuckles, joints, and bones, you... Read more »

Rhinoplasty Is Sometimes Needed to Correct a Structural Issue with the Nose

As you age, minor changes can occur in the structure of your face and nose. This is even more likely to be an issue if you suffered facial trauma at a younger age and didn’t seek professional treatment. Indeed there have been individuals who broke their nose in rambunctious younger... Read more »

The Difference in Aesthetics for Younger and Older People

Everyone likes to put their best foot forward and cosmetic procedures help do just that for some. Over the years of practice a small distinction between the younger and older age groups has become more evident to me. The young seem to want to improve their appearance while the older... Read more »

The Beauty of Breast Augmentations

When it comes to women enhancing the aesthetic of their body, there may be no better cosmetic surgery than breast augmentation. The surgery is so effective that it is guaranteed to turn heads almost anywhere you go. Furthermore, breast augmentation surgery has come a long way in a few years... Read more »

The Hidden Danger That Affects Many of Us

Can you think of an ailment that affects over half the population that we used to have very few treatments for? The answer is hair loss. Both men and women suffer from hair loss and although many “miracle pill treatments” were offered to improve or enhance hair growth, there were... Read more »

Dark Spots on Skin Are Often Caused by Excessive Sun Exposure

The integumentary system of your skin has many complex and dynamic components. This includes the dermal cells, pores, hair follicles, sweat glands, and other special cells like melanocytes. When you expose your skin to the direct rays of the sun, it can affect these various components of your skin in... Read more »

The Real Cost Of Medical Tourism

In a recent  Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery one of the first quantifiable articles on the data and outcomes of patients seeking plastic surgery abroad was published. This was possible due to the diligence of a single center study. Although the review was small (42 patients over a 36... Read more »

Cosmetic Surgery 101: Laser Hair Removal

Many men and women often find themselves sporting hair in places they would prefer not to be. In fact, many individuals prefer no facial hair at all, including men. Fortunately, there are permanent hair removal treatments available to prevent the growth of hair. This is made possible via laser hair... Read more »

“Thy Fearful Asymmetry”

Shakespeare in his sonnets to his mistress serenaded her with his love but kept a realistic view of her (and by extension: our) physical appearance. "A woman's face with Nature's own hand painted". By its own contrivance Nature is not perfect and neither are we. One perfection that does not... Read more »