The Hidden Danger That Affects Many of Us

Can you think of an ailment that affects over half the population that we used to have very few treatments for? The answer is hair loss. Both men and women suffer from hair loss and although many “miracle pill treatments” were offered to improve or enhance hair growth, there were... Read more »

Dark Spots on Skin Are Often Caused by Excessive Sun Exposure

The integumentary system of your skin has many complex and dynamic components. This includes the dermal cells, pores, hair follicles, sweat glands, and other special cells like melanocytes. When you expose your skin to the direct rays of the sun, it can affect these various components of your skin in... Read more »

The Real Cost Of Medical Tourism

In a recent  Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery one of the first quantifiable articles on the data and outcomes of patients seeking plastic surgery abroad was published. This was possible due to the diligence of a single center study. Although the review was small (42 patients over a 36... Read more »

Cosmetic Surgery 101: Laser Hair Removal

Many men and women often find themselves sporting hair in places they would prefer not to be. In fact, many individuals prefer no facial hair at all, including men. Fortunately, there are permanent hair removal treatments available to prevent the growth of hair. This is made possible via laser hair... Read more »

“Thy Fearful Asymmetry”

Shakespeare in his sonnets to his mistress serenaded her with his love but kept a realistic view of her (and by extension: our) physical appearance. "A woman's face with Nature's own hand painted". By its own contrivance Nature is not perfect and neither are we. One perfection that does not... Read more »

The Benefits and Advantages of a Botox® Treatment

Are you looking to improve your facial appearance by diminishing lines, wrinkles, and creases? If so, one of the most effective surgical treatments today is via Botox®. The best part is that it can be used with a simple injection to any desired area.   Kick off your fall season... Read more »

Dermal Filler Injections Can Be Used to Improve the Aged Appearance of Hands

The natural processes of aging can alter the appearance of your face, shoulder, and hands. As time goes on your hands can start to develop a sallow appearance making your knuckles and joints appear abnormally enlarged. If you are uncomfortable with the appearance of your hands, you should consider scheduling... Read more »

Do You Have Spider Veins?

Have ever noticed unsightly little red or blue lines on your legs? They can show up on your thighs, but also on your calves and ankles. These spider veins, which are capillaries, can even show up if you suffer from varicose veins--which are enlarged veins on your feet or legs. If... Read more »

Have You Considered a Tummy Tuck to Change Your Curves?

Do you take time every day to exercise and eat healthily? Are you seeing the results you want? No matter how hard we work, whether because of genetics or metabolism, our efforts don't always result in the flatter stomachs we want to sculpt. For this reason, a tummy tuck may... Read more »

Breast Reduction: Not Just For Women

As men become more aware of their physical appearance one area that has been a source of embarrassment and reticence to discuss  is breast size. While it is recognized that women have breasts whether large, small, droopy or otherwise, there is no public uneasiness. Not so with male breasts. The... Read more »