Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty): Not just for Women

As we continue to try and improve our physical appearance with exercise and diet, we sometimes need a little bit of help from aesthetic surgery. Men are beginning to notice and appreciate what a tummy tuck can do for women and realize that the surgery can help them a great deal... Read more »

The See-Saw Battle over Pain Meds

We are a country of fads fueled by our bipolar swings from one extreme to the other. I remember entering the field of medicine and the pervading attitude about pain meds was to limit their use as much as possible and be judicious with quantities and dosage. Then the culture changed fueled by... Read more »

Mastopexy : Rejuvenation of the Breast: a Real Lift

As people age breast droop occurs to a varying degree. Whether implants are present or not this phenomena occurs. Over the years I have noticed a trend where younger women prefer implants while the breasts are still "perky" and then over time the need for lift of the original breast... Read more »

Who’s Afraid of Anesthesia?

Most in-depth surgical procedures require some form of anesthetic for comfort and patient relaxation so that the surgeon can concentrate on the work at hand. The recent interest in "natural" processes has given the public a false sense that "sedation" anesthesia is more conducive to the normal state of being and... Read more »

Laser Resurfacing Revisited

One of the most important and effective adjuvant treatments available for enhancing facial aesthetic surgery has over the past several years received a "bum rap"! Ablative facial resurfacing has fallen out of favor despite its obvious success in smoothing out the skin because of its initial applications. The procedure would laser... Read more »

Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Rejuvenation): 5 Details to Know

In my years of providing aesthetic facial improvements the one procedure that everyone wonders about but knows little is "eyelid surgery". Many legends of misunderstanding have existed and I decided that a quick overview may give more insight. Obviously a personal consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon is needed... Read more »

Abdominoplasty: 5 Factors To Consider

For a "happy" result in the surgery known as "tummy tuck" one must consider a number of important factors and be honest with oneself. The procedure is very rewarding as long as venturing into it is not taken lightly. Here are some important aspects to consider. Height and Weight. The results... Read more »

Vaginal Rejuvenation: Labioplasty

With recent style changes, both in clothing and personal appearance, women are more aware of their vulvar anatomy. Labioplasty or nymphectomy has become acceptable and popular. The procedure reduces the size and droopiness of the labia minora. The condition is not just the result of aging but can occur in young women as... Read more »

Vitamins: Where Less Is More

I see many people in my practice that take multiple vitamins in large quantities and doses. There is an overwhelming culture fueled by commercials and urban legends that more is better when it comes to supplements. Nothing could be further from the truth when it comes to vitamins. Vitamins are... Read more »

Plunging Necklines

In the aftermath of the Academy Awards where fashion rules the day (and night) it is clear that exposed décolletages and dresses with plunging necklines are and will continue to be the rage. To best suit this perennial style of grace one may wish to consider a breast lift that... Read more »