New Year’s Resolutions for More Healthy, Beautiful Skin!

When making New Year’s resolutions, don’t forget to include taking better care of your skin! As your body’s largest organ, your skin will benefit from you keeping it healthy and looking and feeling its best. Skincare begins inside your body and ultimately ends up outside, so go ahead and use the following tactics to care for your skin inside and... read more »

October Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and There Are Breast Reconstruction Options for You

Did you know that an unsuspecting woman receives a breast cancer diagnosis every two minutes? That’s according to the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF), and it is a sobering statistic. Thankfully, with today’s technological advancements and the latest in clinical trials and surgical options, you have more help available and reason to be hopeful. NBCF Breast Cancer Facts This year... read more »

Cultivate These Transformative Habits To Maintain Your Plastic Surgery Results!

For anyone who has invested in a plastic surgery procedure, you might be extra motivated to extend the results of your surgery by implementing healthful habits. This is a transformative approach to maintaining your hard-won results after expending time, energy, and money to having this work done. Whether you have had a facelift, breast augmentation, liposuction, or other fat removal... read more »

Summer Is a Great Time for Cosmetic Procedures Like an Eyebrow Lift

Most of the year, work, school, family and holiday commitments can leave you feeling too busy to consider cosmetic surgery. The slower days of summer are ideal for refreshing your looks with an eyebrow lift (brow lift), especially if you can use some vacation days to recover! Why a Brow Lift? The biggest reason for getting a brow lift (forehead... read more »

Get Your Body Ready for the Summer With Our Body Contouring Treatment

Spring is here, which means summer is just a few months away. If you are planning on spending time enjoying outdoor activities, showing your body off at the pool, beach, vacationing, or at social gatherings, you’ll want to make sure your body looks its best! You want to erase excess skin or stubborn areas of fat so you can wear... read more »