It’s National Breast Cancer Awareness Month! Read up on Our Tips To Help You Look and Feel Your Best!

Every October, we observe National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. According to U.S. Breast Cancer statistics, approximately 1 in 8 U.S. women (around 13%) will develop invasive breast cancer throughout her lifetime. This year, not only will an estimated 281,550 new cases of invasive breast cancer be diagnosed in women in our country, but also 49,290 new cases of non-invasive breast... read more »

Our Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Treatments for the Face Can Boost Self-Confidence While Creating a More Youthful Appearance

Are you considering having cosmetic plastic surgery to boost the appearance of your facial features? If so, you are not alone. You have options to choose from, including having a facelift, eye lift, rhinoplasty, chin and cheek implants, or liposuction. These popular surgical treatments are done all the time, and this is evidenced by the 15.6 million cosmetic procedures done... read more »

Learn How Exercise Can Boost Your Health and Appearance!

Looking and feeling your best means getting the right amount of exercise so you can trigger those powerful physiological and biochemical processes in your body. Exercise calms you so you can sleep better, and in turn, allow your body to process your blood sugar most effectively for a healthier you. In fact, you can expect a variety of good things... read more »

How Does Beauty Sleep Protect Your Skin To Maintain Your Youthful Glow?

Did you know that nearly 40 million Americans experience chronic insomnia and that around 1 in 4 Americans get insomnia every year? Unfortunately, that doesn’t bode well for your skin or facial appearance! That’s because sleep is how your skin renews itself by maintaining its healthy pH levels and keeping your skin hydrated. A poor night’s sleep can leave you... read more »