Preventing Post-Operative “Blood Clots”

The general public knows pulmonary emboli as "blood clots to the lungs". This rare occurrence starts with venous blood clotting in the legs or pelvic region. The clotted blood then can travel to the lungs where it can affect a significant portion of the lungs ability to oxygenate the body. There are... Read more »

Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty): Not just for Women

As we continue to try and improve our physical appearance with exercise and diet, we sometimes need a little bit of help from aesthetic surgery. Men are beginning to notice and appreciate what a tummy tuck can do for women and realize that the surgery can help them a great deal... Read more »

Abdominoplasty: 5 Factors To Consider

For a "happy" result in the surgery known as "tummy tuck" one must consider a number of important factors and be honest with oneself. The procedure is very rewarding as long as venturing into it is not taken lightly. Here are some important aspects to consider. Height and Weight. The results... Read more »

Tummy Tucks: Becoming a More Popular Procedure

Abdominoplasty or as it is more commonly known "Tummy Tuck" is gaining more popularity and has become noticed by the media. As usual there is often a slanted view in order to be provocative and gain an audience. Recently a piece was published in "Live Science" entitled "Tummy Tucks May... Read more »


New technology from Sciton makes skin tightening possible. Of course it does not take the place of a face, neck lift or a tummy tuck but it does work for early loose skin. The treatment is derived from thermolysis which heats up the dermal skin while cooling the surface. This... Read more »

Combination Procedures

There are several occasions where surgeries can be combined under one procedure. The opportunity to do this depends on length of the overall OR time, health of the patient and anatomical proximity of the areas to be operated upon. Of equal importance is the infection category of the wounds created... Read more »

A Weighty Problem

I see many people for weight sensitive surgery such as liposuction, body contouring, tummy tuck , and even face lift where the person's size does matter. I stress that the closer one is to their "ideal weight" the better the result. I also stress that this "weight" is different today... Read more »

Advice as Suggestions

As a plastic surgeon my duty to my patient is to advise on the concern that this person has; and not diverge on tangential or unrelated areas that I may see as needing improvement. I think it is unethical, for example, to mention rhinoplasty (nose job) when the person is... Read more »