Abdominoplasty: 5 Factors To Consider

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For a “happy” result in the surgery known as “tummy tuck” one must consider a number of important factors and be honest with oneself. The procedure is very rewarding as long as venturing into it is not taken lightly. Here are some important aspects to consider.

Height and Weight. The results of the procedure depend on the size of the person at the time of surgery. Even with the addition of liposuction (which I always include) the surgery is not a weight loss event. The outcome will be different for each individual. A 5’2″ 120lbs person will have a different result from a someone with the same height but weighing one hundred pounds more! The variety in results is as the variety in body presentations.

Health. Underlying systemic problems and chronic diseases need to be addressed and their care should be optimized. This will minimize the lengthy recovery and possible complications of this complex procedure.

Timing. The surgery should be undertaken no sooner than six months after pregnancy and show evidence of a steady weight. Consideration of future pregnancies should be taken into account. One can have more children but there may be some “loosening” of the result. Other issues include allowing enough time for recovery without external distractions.

Lifestyle. “Yo-yoing” of weight will affect results of the surgery. It does not give anyone the license to eat as much as they want. The  surgery is the gold standard by which all other abdominal (invasive or not) procedures are judged. The real price is a scar that will not allow certain exotic bikinis without visibility.

Attitude. This surgery gives a person a shape that is as close to their teenage years as possible but it does exact sincere involvement and real enthusiasm. A true willingness without conditions.

Mindful checklist of this type will produce a “happy” result.
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