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Abdominoplasty or as it is more commonly known “Tummy Tuck” is gaining more popularity and has become noticed by the media. As usual there is often a slanted view in order to be provocative and gain an audience. Recently a piece was published in “Live Science” entitled “Tummy Tucks May Be Riskier Than Other Plastic Procedures”. Well…..”Duh”!!!! Nothing could be more obvious and certainly does not need a “study” to make that determination. The studies that have been conducted are to assess the factors involved in complications.

The procedure is lengthy and involves removal of skin, fat and tightening the muscular abdominal wall to give a better shape and figure to the torso. The article is correct in stating that the surgery should be performed by experienced plastic surgeons; unfortunately other less qualified physicians are also involved with less than desirable results.

Plastic surgeons take into account the patient’s medical and mental status as well as preparing the person for the procedure. The risks are explained thoroughly and the patient is evaluated thoroughly. The patient and the plastic surgeon determine whether any additional procedures will be performed. This is limited in scope and is decided by the surgeon on the basis of safety and additional risk to the patient based on their health status.

The operation has improved the quality of life for many people. The procedure is not taken lightly by responsible plastic surgeons who determine on an individual basis who is a good candidate and who is not.

Every procedure has risk, indeed all actions in our lives have risk and it is our responsibility to evaluate them ahead of time.