Advice as Suggestions

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As a plastic surgeon my duty to my patient is to advise on the concern that this person has; and not diverge on tangential or unrelated areas that I may see as needing improvement. I think it is unethical, for example, to mention rhinoplasty (nose job) when the person is being seen for liposuction, unless the person brings up the topic. There is a fine line though when suggesting another procedure makes sense in completing the overall effect the person is seeking. An example of this suggestion (which is really advice) is when consultation is sought for a face lift and the person has obvious “tired eyelids”. Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) would complement and complete the rejuvenation process the person wants. This type of suggestion is almost an obligation so the person is not disappointed later. Its like advising a home owner who wants to put electricity only on the first and not on the second floor. It just makes sense.