Laser Resurfacing Can Help Minimize a Scar’s Appearance

Significant burns, old wounds, irregular lacerations, and cuts that become infected before healing can sometimes develop a scar. While some scars naturally reduce in appearance with age, many remain. If the dermal aberration is in a highly visible location can have a negative impact on your self-image and self-confidence.  ... Read more »

An Unappealing Mole Can Be Removed in an Outpatient Appointment

It’s estimated that the average person has around 40 to 300 moles on their body. These minor dermal aberrations are often caused by hyperpigmentation of skin cells. Both environmental and genetic factors can play a significant role in the number and size of the warts on your body. It’s also... Read more »

Laser Resurfacing Revisited

One of the most important and effective adjuvant treatments available for enhancing facial aesthetic surgery has over the past several years received a "bum rap"! Ablative facial resurfacing has fallen out of favor despite its obvious success in smoothing out the skin because of its initial applications. The procedure would laser... Read more »

I Thought Acne Is For Teenagers Only

Many of my patients over 35 years of age complain about new outbreaks of acne and are both amazed and frustrated by this phenomena. The facts are that acne has many causes ranging from genetic predisposition to dairy and junk foods. Most etiologies fall somewhere between these two dichotomies. Most... Read more »

Facial Make-up: A Plastic Surgeon’s Point of View

Make-up for women has been around since the days of the pharaohs. It is used to enhance the beauty of the face, hide "blemishes" and in general look more "presentable". I have always been surprised and even performed a " double take" when I see my patients for the first... Read more »

Does Smoking Cause Wrinkles Around Lips?

No. That is utterly silly! Smoking does diminish blood flow to the skin via the constricting effects of nicotine on blood vessels. This in turn can magnify the aging process of skin where loss of thickness is partly due to poor nutrition as result of decreased blood supply. One can argue that thinner... Read more »

Does Laser Therapy Work on Spider Veins?

I see many people who have tried laser treatments for their leg spider veins with no visible improvement. The reason for this is that spider veins need to be injected with sclerosing agents first before laser has any effect. Injecting the vein with an irritant such as hyper-tonic saline will cause the... Read more »

Burn before Heeding

I cannot over emphasize the importance of sunscreen protection. Sunscreen is just that: it screens out the harmful UV rays, but does allow you to tan SLOWLY. This process prevents burning of the skin. It is the BURNING process that is implicated in sun damaged skin that can ultimately lead... Read more »

What Every Face Needs

Short of surgery which physically puts our anatomy back where it should be, the aging process should also be treated in terms of skin. We need moisturizers, cleansers, and sun screen on a daily basis; but once in a while we can augment our looks with laser treatments which smooth... Read more »

Laser Treatment of Skin Texture

The best way to summarize the aging of the skin is to state that our skin texture worsens. Everyone wishes to improve the texture of their skin which includes fine wrinkles, scars, tone and the roughness that appears with time. The texture of our skin can start changing early; it... Read more »