Laser Resurfacing Can Help Minimize a Scar’s Appearance

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Significant burns, old wounds, irregular lacerations, and cuts that become infected before healing can sometimes develop a scar. While some scars naturally reduce in appearance with age, many remain. If the dermal aberration is in a highly visible location can have a negative impact on your self-image and self-confidence.  ... Read more »

Laser Resurfacing Revisited

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One of the most important and effective adjuvant treatments available for enhancing facial aesthetic surgery has over the past several years received a "bum rap"! Ablative facial resurfacing has fallen out of favor despite its obvious success in smoothing out the skin because of its initial applications. The procedure would laser... Read more »

Burn before Heeding

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I cannot over emphasize the importance of sunscreen protection. Sunscreen is just that: it screens out the harmful UV rays, but does allow you to tan SLOWLY. This process prevents burning of the skin. It is the BURNING process that is implicated in sun damaged skin that can ultimately lead... Read more »

What Every Face Needs

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Short of surgery which physically puts our anatomy back where it should be, the aging process should also be treated in terms of skin. We need moisturizers, cleansers, and sun screen on a daily basis; but once in a while we can augment our looks with laser treatments which smooth... Read more »