Does Smoking Cause Wrinkles Around Lips?

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No. That is utterly silly! Smoking does diminish blood flow to the skin via the constricting effects of nicotine on blood vessels. This in turn can magnify the aging process of skin where loss of thickness is partly due to poor nutrition as result of decreased blood supply. One can argue that thinner skin will fold more easily like an accordion and indeed this is partly why people have wrinkles around the mouth. The main reason for vertical skin folds around the mouth is the sphincteric action of the muscle around the mouth: obicularis oris. This muscle is used constantly throughout our lives and it is attached to our skin to allow different movements of our mouth. The constriction of the muscle will cause accordion-like vertical lines to appear. Women have more pronounced lines develope earlier than men. Why? Men’s skin is thicker with a better blood supply to support the beard. The combination prevents wrinkle formation for a longer time in men  than in women. It certainly isn’t because men smoke less than women!