Facial Make-up: A Plastic Surgeon’s Point of View

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Make-up for women has been around since the days of the pharaohs. It is used to enhance the beauty of the face, hide “blemishes” and in general look more “presentable”.

I have always been surprised and even performed a ” double take” when I see my patients for the first time without make-up. Most look at least 10 years younger! I believe that make-up creates a more sophisticated, alluring face but not youthful. Also cosmetics look natural on a smooth- skinned face, but on roughened, pitted, furrowed skin make-up exaggerates these signs of aging. Smoothing out the surface of the skin first would be beneficial.

Cosmetics, facial make-up, provides a level of social comfort as does clothing. One has to pay attention to both; but as Annie sings: “you’re never fully dressed without a smile!”