Cosmetic Surgery Can Help Improve Quality of Life

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The human psyche is a complex thing. Topics like body image, social phobia, depression and body dysmorphia can spark polarizing debates throughout our culture. It’s also worth noting that many individuals who seek out cosmetic services are dealing with serious medical or cosmetic issues that impact their quality of life.... Read more »

Who’s Afraid of Anesthesia?

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Most in-depth surgical procedures require some form of anesthetic for comfort and patient relaxation so that the surgeon can concentrate on the work at hand. The recent interest in "natural" processes has given the public a false sense that "sedation" anesthesia is more conducive to the normal state of being and... Read more »

The Age Factor in Cosmetic Surgery

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Recent data analyzed from over 120,000 patients during a 5 year period reveals that age (ie: people over 65 years old) was not an independent risk factor for aesthetic procedures. Age alone was not significant in how well people recovered from surgery or their rate of complications. All other risk factors removed shows that rate... Read more »