COVID-19/Conquering the Pandemic

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It is my sincere intent to give people common sense ideas and instructions on what we need to do about the epidemic. I do this because I have had 35 years as a medical professional.

As the pandemic evolves, we need to adjust to the fluid situation. These messages are for all my friends, family, past and future patients:

We should take the current Corona virus epidemic very, very seriously. It is a real disease that is out there. It is not a joke. It really does exist. It can be something we can conquer if we follow some basic principles. We should take the advice of the CDC very seriously. If we do that, we will be able to control the length of this epidemic.

Social Distancing. Very, very important. Probably one of the most important things we can do. Not only stay six feet away from each other, but also isolate if you feel you may have the disease. That is critical!

Masks. It appears now the need to wear masks should be extended to people who may be carriers; they may be asymptomatic, but certainly they may carry the virus. In terms of wearing a mask, it should go over the nose as well as the mouth. In regard to that, wearing a mask lends itself to a situation where a person wants to touch the mask. To put the mask on, you must wash your hands thoroughly first, put on the mask, and not touch yourself again.

Corona Testing. This should be reserved for the people taking care of the patients who may be sick and for the sick. Otherwise, testing may lead to a false sense of security. A patient may test negative and in a few days may turn out to be positive. That person may actually spread the disease while they think they are healthy.

The secret is to treat everyone as though they are positive. If we do that, we will be able to control this epidemic much more easily.

Hand Washing. Frequent hand washing and washing all surfaces is basic.

Yes, it is tough…you want to be with people, you want to congregate; but this is not the time. If these guidelines are followed, we can hopefully limit the length of time that this epidemic takes a grip of our country and our world. I hope these were helpful; and, everyone, stay safe!