Freedom of Choice: At What Age?

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Silicone (or gel as it is sometimes called) implants have been allowed back on the market for the last 8 years. The implants have been shown to be safe but the FDA has cautioned against use in women under the age of 22! Due to this advice most hospitals, surgery centers, private ORs, and clinics have abided by FDA’s comment for political correctness and more importantly, legal ramifications.

Why is the freedom and personal choice of a woman and her doctor taken away from her? What is so important about 22 years ?

It seems that the number is arbitrary. I cannot think of any medically based reason for the number. Does the FDA feel that people under the age of 22 cannot make intelligent choices? People can marry, have children, serve in the military, drink, vote, change their sex, run for local office, drive, fly a plane, and serve on a jury before their 22nd birthday.

I believe the medical community needs to look logically at FDA’s suggestion and realize that a revision of the standards is in order.