Dr. Leon Goldstein and our team at The Office of Dr. Leon Goldstein are proud to serve patients in Madison, Connecticut; Providence, Rhode Island; and surrounding areas of southern New England. To provide our patients with greater access to cosmetic surgery, we offer specials on select services. Please call us at 203-245-0350 to learn more about our special offers and schedule your appointment with our experienced plastic surgeon.

Loyalty Program

To acknowledge our loyal patients, we have instituted a Rewards Program.  Whether you refer a friend for a surgical procedure or you have a few procedures yourself, we want to thank you!  The more referrals and/or the more procedures, the greater the savings.  Start now and inquire about this exciting and novel concept.

Complimentary Laser Package

Facelifts and blepharoplasties, in particular, subtract years from one’s appearance.  To complete the facial rejuvenation process, laser resurfacing is usually performed.  We currently offer a complimentary laser resurfacing package of five treatments following our facial procedures.  We also offer all our postoperative patients, no matter what the procedure, discounted laser treatments.  There’s no better time than now to take advantage of this great offer!

Skin Rejuvenation Special

The Office of Dr. Leon Goldstein offers a unique combination of treatments for facial rejuvenation! For just $1,800, you can have a “liquid face lift” and facial skin laser rejuvenation.  Receive Xeomin®, a facial filler, AND a package of 3 facial skin laser rejuvenation treatments. Call us today to take advantage of this incredible offer and make your appointment with Dr. Goldstein!

The Facial Rejuvenation Collection

For those who desire year-round aesthetic care, Leon A. Goldstein, M. D., and Felicia McKay, R. N., are excited to offer personal service at an incredible savings. Patients are able to maintain their beauty with six full-face laser resurfacings, three full-treatment Xeomin® injections, and two Radiesse® facial filler syringes (a total value of $5770) for only $4300. The lasers will be performed by Dr. Goldstein in his office setting, while the injections may also be performed by Goldstein or at Salon Balayage in Jamestown, RI by Felicia McKay, R. N. Please contact us so that we may begin our concierge service today!