Liposuction “Urban legend”

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I have to interrupt my discussion of different laser treatments in order to address a horrible grievance against liposuction. It was made apparent to me that liposuction (liposculture, etc) is “the most dangerous cosmetic procedure” because of several horror stories that have been reported by the media. I agree that liposuction can be very dangerous, but only when used by the wrong hands. People with some minimal surgical training will look at liposuction superficially and think it is an easy procedure. They take weekend courses and start operating on unsuspecting patients. Unless they have had proper and extensive anatomical and surgical experience, these untrained non-board certified money-hungry charlatans will kill you when blindly probing their cannula’s through existing hernias, abdomens, diaphragms and lungs because of poor knowledge and even poorer or no pre-op exams. These type of mishaps would not happen if only appropriately trained and certified plastic surgeons were allowed to perform these procedures. Then people would realize the benefits and excellent outcomes from well thought out surgeries.