When Can I Exercise?

One of the most common questions asked right before and right after surgery. From a physiological aspect the timing depends on the span of surgery. The more invasion the longer the recovery(but usually a better result). Injury whether intentional like surgery or accidental initiates wound healing that requires multiple steps;... Read more »

The Reality of Change: Its Organic!

To explain why certain claims made by the "cosmetic industry" do not work (see the last two previous blogs) one just has to acknowledge that to affect a change in our tissue a change in the makeup of the tissue has to occur. In organic terms that means some form of trauma and its... Read more »

Cosmetic Procedures and Stem Cell Research

The latest "buzz word" in medicine has been "stem cell" treatments for many debilitating diseases. The process of stem cell treatments is in its infancy and that is almost a hopeful stretch when one examines the progress in this area. Stem cell research is just beginning and our knowledge is still... Read more »

Not All Scars Are The Same

Many people come to see me for aesthetic surgery but are very anxious that their result would leave them with bad scarring, like other scars they have from previous surgeries or accidents. Take heart, scar's appearance depends on location and direction of the scar in regard to lines of tension.... Read more »

Post-Op Domino Effect

People always wonder why areas of injury or surgery hurt more so many hours after activity has stopped or when they are just plain resting at night and not moving at all. The reason for this all too true phenomenon is the fact that the site of surgery has extra... Read more »

Not Fade Away

Some words in our English language have taken on a meaning of their own, not reflecting the original intent, but rather a wish for quality that completely changes the communication . Such a word is "fade". As a plastic surgeon, who cares for as well as creates scars, I explain... Read more »

The Tom Brady Debacle

Apparently a great deal of space, ink and blame has been devoted by the media on Tom Brady's knee surgery and resultant complications. The fault finding is aimed at physicians that did their best to help another person. Their well meaning intentions as well as expertise unfortunately did not produce... Read more »

A Secret of Plastic Surgeons

I just saw yet another patient with an open wound and instructions to keep the area dry with clean gauze. I will now reveal to you a long kept secret that will probably expel me from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Just Joking. We, as plastic surgeons, have always... Read more »

Preparing for Surgery

All invasive cosmetic procedures require preparation even so-called "weekend " surgeries. In order to effect a permanent change invasion of the tissue has to be made which results in a typical inflammatory response along with bleeding. The combination can lead to swelling, bruising and even blood collections (hematomas). As the... Read more »

Timing Results

Just a friendly reminder and warning so that no one is disappointed. Bathing suite season will soon be upon us here in the NE, and like other seasons (holidays, Christmas, etc.) we need to plan. The time to undergo any treatment must take into account the recovery time as well.... Read more »