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As men become more aware of their physical appearance one area that has been a source of embarrassment and reticence to discuss  is breast size. While it is recognized that women have breasts whether large, small, droopy or otherwise, there is no public uneasiness. Not so with male breasts. The average man feels that he should have no breasts if he is normal. Any evidence of breast tissue is met with self consciousness and unease. Even patients that show up at my office are shy about the discussion.

My mission is to explain that even males have breast tissue and its perceived enlargement can be real or relative depending on the body asthenic. Breast enlargement in men can be due to obesity, genetics, hormones, or even body building where pectoralis enlargement can emphasize what is a normal breast.

Treatment, once hormonal involvement is ruled out, is usually surgical. The procedure can be just liposuction, liposuction with central breast tissue excision through areola, or all of the above with skin reduction. The scars are well hidden and, with the advent of laser liposuction, significant skin excision is rarely needed.

Years of self consciousness can ameliorated in just hours.

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