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There are multiple products and gimmicks for people who want to take a fast less involved approach towards enhanced looks. Just a perusal through any checkout counter magazine reveals the culture of the quick fix.

Ads and articles claim creams that can take 10 years off in just seconds. Most of these products leave a tight chalky mask like appearance that does nothing in the long run and leaves an unnatural hue to skin that looks anything but human. The cost is limited only by the person’s level of anxiety.

There are products that promise to erase “the bags” under eyes, which are really astringents with make-up that can cost $300-$500 per month. They are used daily since the “result” is quite temporary.

There are devices that promise slimming with non-invasive external approaches that have exotic scientific sounding tools like “nano currents”, “radio frequency”, “infrared”, “ultherapy”, “lipofreeze”, etc,etc,etc. These of course require multiple treatments at $500-$1000 per in order to maintain their arguable improvements.

Short cuts are just that: temporary, expensive and short of the mark.