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“The wizard? But nobody can see the Great Oz. Nobody’s ever seen the Great Oz!”

Many patients are intimidated by the grandiose offices, personal style and commensurate high fees of the plastic surgeons they seek for advice. They then become impressed by the phalanx of office personnel that take their data and medical history. Then and only then do they have an audience with THE DOCTOR who enters the room and pronounces what will be done. If they are lucky they may get another glimpse of their surgeon right before the procedure.

That is the last time that these patients see their surgeon. All post-op follow ups, questions, concerns explanations are handled by the office staff. Any post-op patient who seeks to speak to the surgeon directly and question any results and/or recovery is rebuked with: “Do not arouse the wrath of the Great and Powerful Oz!”

This in my humble opinion unfortunately happens more often than not. One should not be impressed with the trappings but rather have a direct rapport with the surgeon and feel comfortable with the physician and have confidence not only in his/her abilities but in their future personal attention to their post-op course. One should expect that the surgeon will be personally involved with every detail.  It is a concierge service that requires taking care of the person from beginning to end. After all it is the doctor you came to see.