What is the Proper Shape for a Breast Implant?

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breastMany arguments and ideas exist in regard to the best shape that an implant should have. There is a prevailing feeling by some people that an implant should have a tear drop shape since a breast in profile (in an upright position!) has that shape. That indeed is true but only if the person plans to spend their entire time standing up! Certainly everyone would agree that the breast looks different when lying down vs sitting up vs bending down or even upside down!?! The breast takes on a more circular, pan-cake shape when in repose, more conical when the torso is bent over. The implant shape that best mimics all of the positions of the breast is ROUND. The round implant will assume a more tear-drop (anatomical?) shape when a person is in the upright position and all other shapes according to body position. The round implant gives the breast the most natural appearance under all circumstances.