The Hidden Danger That Affects Many of Us

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Can you think of an ailment that affects over half the population that we used to have very few treatments for? The answer is hair loss. Both men and women suffer from hair loss and although many “miracle pill treatments” were offered to improve or enhance hair growth, there were no surgical procedures to truly improve or regrow hair. Fortunately, with modern medicine and technology, times have changed. One of the most effective treatments for hair loss is via transplantation.

Hair transplantation consists of moving hair from one area of your body to the areas that are thin or in need of the hair. Hair follicles are extremely efficient for regrowing hair because the ones that are transplanted are genetically resistant to falling out or balding. The transplanted follicles will continue to grow even after being cut.

Although hair transplantation is a very complex procedure, Dr. Leon Goldstein has over 28 years experience working with cosmetic surgery and is highly skilled at this particular procedure. Furthermore, he has perfected the use of sedation to ensure the entire process will be completely pain-free.

Don’t let the stigma of hair loss affect your life negatively anymore. Come in today for a consultation about a hair transplant procedure. You can book an appointment at The Office of Dr. Leon Goldstein, by calling our office in Madison, Connecticut, at 203-245-0350. Dr. Leon Goldstein are here to give you the cosmetic surgery treatments you require to live the life you desire!