The G Lift

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Upper and lower eyelid surgery rejuvenates and refreshes the face like no other procedure. Yes, the face lift is all important and necessary; but, if one is only able to have one procedure on the face that gives the most “bang”, the most noticeable difference, it would be eyelid surgery. Recovery is relatively easy and short. Most people are able to return to work in a week or less. The result should never leave one with that “operated upon” look. Colleagues’ and friends’ usual comments involve hair style changes or vacations.

Now a new procedure can be added through the same lower lid incision used for the eyelid that adds another important dimension to facial rejuvenation. The “mid-face lift” or The G Lift provides the mid-face tissue with the elevation it needs to return to its youthful location. As we age gravity forces facial tissue in a downward direction. This is very noticeable in the jowl formations and in the deepening of our “naso-labial folds”. These folds run down from the lateral part of the nasal tip to just lateral to the corners of the mouth. Softening of these lines remarkably returns a youthful appearance. The elevation accomplished at the time of the eyelid surgery also lifts the mid-cheek back into position eliminating the “hollowness” just under the eyes.

The G Lift  is now incorporated as part of my eyelid surgery to provide an even more complete rejuvenated appearance.