The Charlie Sheen Quandary

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We have watched, heard and read all types of Charlie Sheen stories; most as a source of amusement and entertainment. The media has exploited the man and we have allowed it, without any objection from any corner of the globe.

The argument goes that the man allows and invites public scrutiny/abuse by encouraging conversations/bouts with the media.

What if Mr. Sheen has a form of  any number of possible manic diseases? What if some of what  has occurred in Charlie Sheen’s recent past is not completely under his control? What if his out-sized personality stems from more than just ego?

Would the media and the general public make fun of human conditions not under our control? Would we poke fun of an amputee, laugh at a cerebral palsy victim, make a cancer patient the brunt of a joke.

If Mr. Sheen has a psychological component to his travails, then the media has not done him or us any service.  We should all be embarrassed.