The Benefits and Advantages of a Botox® Treatment

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Are you looking to improve your facial appearance by diminishing lines, wrinkles, and creases? If so, one of the most effective surgical treatments today is via Botox®. The best part is that it can be used with a simple injection to any desired area.


Kick off your fall season with a fresh face free of frown lines and wrinkles. Consider the following benefits that Botox has to offer:

– Botox is just as effective for men as it is women.

– Dr. Leon Goldstein is highly experienced at giving Botox injections, so you can rest assured yours will be done safely and effectively.

– Although Botox is extremely popular in many areas in and around your facial area, the majority of patients prefer treatment within their forehead and around their eyes.

– After a treatment has been given, patients are able to go back to work immediately, or finish their day as they see fit.

– Botox wrinkle removal treatments can make you look vastly younger by removing lines and wrinkles.

– A single Botox treatment can weaken the nerves and muscle areas responsible for wrinkles for up to six months.

– Our in-office wrinkle removal Botox treatments only take 10 minutes.

If you would like to schedule an appointment for a Botox treatment at The Office of Dr. Leon Goldstein, call our office in Madison, Connecticut, at our number, 203-245-0350. Dr. Leon Goldstein and our entire team look forward to giving you the youthful look you desire!