Prescience: Problem Prediction or Debacle Deduction

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It really does not take any mystical power or knowledge to foretell  disaster. Just reasoning and logic. I wrote over 4 years ago about the dangers of  touting “anti-bacterial soap” when all is needed is “soap”. ( See “Medical Disaster or Soap vs Hope” Aug ’06) As predicted: with over use of unnecessary  antibiotics we now have very dangerous strains of bacteria that are resistant to all known antibiotics. Resistance of bacteria has developed due to overwhelming exposure of “anti-” products driven by companies and fueled by the media. Its  always not quite that simple.  Another major factor is the public’s insistence on antibiotic treatment for viral infections, which every physician knows does not work. A third major factor is the predictable decrease in attentiveness to sterile technique and decontamination by the OR staff as the stressed workers now have to deal with chart and computer verification as their mandated priority. More on this third topic in future posts continuing to expose our politically correct calamities.