Plunging Necklines

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In the aftermath of the Academy Awards where fashion rules the day (and night) it is clear that exposed décolletages and dresses with plunging necklines are and will continue to be the rage.

To best suit this perennial style of grace one may wish to consider a breast lift that provides subtle but definite fullness to the upper breast. With diaphanous fabrics the best choice for this procedure is the Vertical Breast Lift which not only provides superior fullness to the breast but also eliminates the transverse scar that could easily be seen in many breast enhancing outfits. Most importantly this version of the breast lift offers a lasting result since the breast is held up by the tissue itself rather than the skin as in the older methods. As you surely know, skin stretches, which will cause the breast to “bottom out” leaving the nipple/areolar complex riding abnormally high compared to the entire breast.

Fashion and style eventually change but a youthful breast is ageless.