Never Too Late

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5-2005 (3)Recently I had a very happy breast augmentation patient tell me that, at her first visit, she was wondering if she was the oldest person at age 50 interested in breast enlargement. I assured her that she was not alone. Certainly the reluctance that some people may have stems from the impression that the only young in -shape venture into this arena. The person’s friends may tell her that she is having a mid-life crisis and its too late to change the course of personal history.

Breast augmentation can actually change everything by making one feel better about themselves that leads to exercise, weight loss, and interest in social events. All the clothes that looked mediocre suddenly look great. The inspired confidence helps people “own” their new body and shape.

My patient was delighted with the quick recovery and felt it was “one of the best decisions I have ever made”.

The decisions and reasons for aesthetic surgery are always deeply personal and not bound to age as much as when the time is right.