Mutual Respect and Trust

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I admit that I sometimes answer questions on a well known web site concerning plastic surgery issues. What is disconcerting is the number of questions asked by people who have just undergone their procedure within the last 3-5 days! I understand that there is a normal level of anxiety but the first source of answers to their questions should be their surgeon.

Choice of procedure should be based on a complete and thorough consultation where the patient and the physician have not only assessed the best course but each other as well. There should be an understanding not just of the surgery but each other. The patient should decide whether or not that they have a working relationship with that doctor and trust and respect his/her decisions. The surgeon performs the same assessment of the patient and the patient’s ability to understand and follow through the procedure and recovery. The decision to move forward with a procedure is based on mutual trust and respect. This is essential for a good experience for both parties.