Mastopexy : Rejuvenation of the Breast: a Real Lift

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As people age breast droop occurs to a varying degree. Whether implants are present or not this phenomena occurs. Over the years I have noticed a trend where younger women prefer implants while the breasts are still “perky” and then over time the need for lift of the original breast is needed. Many times people opt for implant removal, being tired of  the extra weight, and are thrilled with breast lift alone (mastopexy).

Vertical breast lift provides fullness of the upper half of the breast while limiting scarring. The lift is virtually permanent since the breast is held up by its own breast tissue rather than skin as in the older more traditional methods of mastopexy.

Mastopexy gives everyone a lift to the body and the spirit.#


Dr. Goldstein joins EHealth Radio to discuss the popularity of breast lifts and what one need to know about this procedure.  Listen to the full interview recording.