Laser Treatment of Sun Damaged Skin

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There is a new treatment available in the continued effort to rejuvenate skin. Broadband light is a new innovative technology that can be used to treat sun damaged skin with resultant age spots (brown in color) and red spots of the face, arms, neck and chest. Using the appropriate wavelength filter a wide range of skin conditions can effectively treated. The photothermal energy is directed on vessels that cause redness and on excessive melanin that causes the brown spots. The treatment is tailored to each individual and may require 2-5 sessions to achieve the desired result. The procedure is non-invasive enough so that there is minimal redness and some darkening that resolves in 1-3 days. There is minimal to no discomfort during the treatment and post procedure care involves only the use of a moisturizer and sun screen(which everyone should use anyways). This rejuvenation process is also easily affordable.