Laser Liposuction: A Welcome Addition

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There are many new procedures, machines and spa skin aesthetics that everyone is bombarded with on a daily basis. Most turn out to be completely bogus or at the very least, disappointing. It is the responsibility of the physician to make some logical sense, based on science and data outcome, and guide, advise patients. Once in a while a technique develops that over time proves itself worthwhile.

Laser liposuction combines the well proven technique of liposuction with the  added advent of internal monitored laser heating of the deep dermis. This procedure allows for quicker recovery, less bruising, and more importantly tightening of the skin well beyond what liposuction alone can do. We now have available a procedure that falls between liposuction and surgical skin excision.  Skin can be tightened without surgical scars. As with everything else, the degree of skin tightening is not as good as surgery but does add new armamentarium for a group of people who may not want or need extensive surgery.  A procedure that works is a welcome addition