Laser Hair Removal: Does It Really Work?

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Yes it does remove hair permanently. The important fact that everyone has to keep in mind is that, like many other treatments of our body, it takes more than one procedure to accomplish this task. Hair exists in multiple phases at the same time. Some are in a growth phase, some in sleep, and some in a normal shedding. There are actually 5 phases, but for practical clinical purposes we talk about the above three. Laser works only on actively growing hair. This automatically means at least 3 treatments; and since there is no way of predicting the length of  duration of these activities (varies in each person) the general advise that I give is that at least five laser treatments will be necessary, and perhaps more. With patience one can achieve good results. Light hair will require even more laser time since the laser wavelength for permanent hair removal works better on darker colors. The other good news about laser hair treatment is that it is relatively painless with the newer lasers. Sticking with the program will give you the results you want.