Kylie Jenner Effect

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The fascination that the country has with Bruce Jenner’s “transformation” is multi-layered. Some people are amused by this TV based drama but there are others that take it to heart with more serious consequences. The new found notoriety of his daughter connects with the young and makes assumptions and flights of fancy possible.

Young adults, especially teenagers, might view cosmetic surgery unrealistically. They usually want to correct physical characteristics that make them feel awkward or different than their peers. Adults on the other hand, due to the aging process, want to look younger and therefore standout from their aging peers.

The need to belong may outweigh any realistic appraisal of the consequences and so common teen surgeries such as  nose, breast (male and female), acne scarring require careful and mature consideration.

The Kylie Jenner effect will hopefully be balanced by involved parents and teenagers that are mature both mentally and physically.

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