Its Not A Haircut

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July-06 (18)With the creation of more web sites, more products, more devices, and certainly more physicians of different specialties (calling themselves “cosmetic surgeons”) as well as health spas, the reality of physical improvement has been blurred. There is a sense because of the overwhelming choices and its resulting confusion that the treatments are equal. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Laser treatments can vary in their results based on the quality of the laser, who is performing the procedure, and the type of follow-up. This is true of injectables as well. Not all surgical procedures (like face lifts) are the same. It depends completely on the qualifications of the surgeon. Not all skin products are right for every person.

The competition for consumers is so fierce that many establishments will try to make their services appear as easy as possible; as if you are going to a hair salon. There is sense that many of the procedures are inter-changeable and will give the same results.

With all due respect to hairstylists aesthetic improvement of the body has relatively permanent changes that do not “grow out” like a hair cut or style that you decide you do not like.

Qualification and quality does count.