Internet Photos

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I have had numerous queries as to why I do not have “before and after” photos on my web site. I believe that my patient’s records are confidential and require treatment with great respect. I have consent from many of my patients to show their pictures to potentially serious candidates who visit my office. The consultations are complimentary with no obligation, but they do require that a person make an effort (i.e. come to the office). I owe it to my patients that their personal photos are not used for perusal by the casual internet surfer. Photos of real patients are for teaching and consultation purposes, and not for self promotion. Many times the images that people look at are not a good example of what the results might be for them. In the office setting, I can match photos to the visitor more appropriately and therefore give a better realistic goal designed specifically for that person’s situation. People have a good general idea of what they want or need; the consultation gives them the specifics they need to make an intelligent decision for themselves.