Health Related “Buzz” Words

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The United States leads the world in law suits,entertainment, and marketing. This installment deals with the last endeavor.

We are inundated with the latest popular phrases (crazes) such as “gluten free”, “organic”, “free range”, “immunity blend”, “immune system support”, “contains vitamins”, and of course “stem cell”. These are but a few of the many buzz words that the consumer encounters with the fuzzy knowledge that somehow these improve our health. Indeed they are related to health but some occur naturally and abundantly without the help of commercialism. But packaging what we already have is a brilliant way to make a product “special”, when nothing special was done to produce it.

For example: “organic”. As far as I know everything on earth is organic, even radio-active elements like I-131, C-14. Yes there are some elements that are artificially produced but these will never be completely removed from our lives. “Gluten free” is a diet for people with coeliac disease which is quite rare; benefits in other people have not been proven. “Free-range” needs to be verified as well as clarified better. “Immunity” foods are really our entire diet. Fortified foods are not necessarily absorbed more by our body. We have a fine tuned system that takes in what it needs; the rest is literally a waste. “Stem cell” practical use is still not available no matter who commercially touts it.

Most of what we need is already and always was readily available.