Fat Transfer Facial Rejuvenation Can Help Reduce Visible Signs of Skin Aging

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The natural aging process brings on a multitude of changes in the human body, which also includes decreased exfoliation in the skin and reduced collagen production in the deeper layers of the dermis. As skin aging continues to advance your face can lose its once youthful tightness and tone, which can also cause wrinkles to develop and deepen.

Fortunately, there are many ways to minimize visible signs of skin aging and restore much of your skin’s youthful appearance. After a simple consultation appointment at the Coastal Plastic Surgery Center, our Dr. Leon Goldstein can present you with some treatment options.

There are a variety of factors which will contribute to the treatment plan he puts forth. The one that is right for you will weigh heavily on your personal preferences and goals.

A patient who is interested in a longer-lasting solution than that offered by dermal filler injections yet is also put off by the surgical requirements of a facelift, might be a good candidate for a fat transfer facial rejuvenation.

The treatment process involves taking a small amount of your body’s own fat from one location and carefully injecting it into key locations on your face. The net effect plumps the facial feature without the use of invasive procedures.

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