Fad Words: Losing meaning.

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We love fads of all types and they quickly become a part of our culture, at least for a little while. Certain words or phrases have over time gained completely new meaning which in certain cases devalued the word and its impact. This is sad. Take for example : AWESOME. I was asked to pass the salt at a restaurant and in doing so received the accolade “awesome”. That socially polite act is as far away as possible from the true meaning of “awesome”.  I understand that the person was merely acknowledging my act with a thank you. The word used to mean “inspiring admiration or wonder” and is used in that context when people perform acts of courage. I would hate to see this word down-graded.

“CLUTCH”. Ordering pizza for the football game is not “clutch”. Among other meanings the word stands for “a tense critical situation” where someone performs well. Using this word ten times in a conversation for every verb is not “so clutch” !

I do not intend to be some grumpy professor with elbow-patched jackets complaining about “today’s youth”. I understand the spirit with which these words are used, and applaud the generosity and kindness with which they are given. Lets just use them with some restraint and respect.LAKE TAHOE 014