Eyelid Surgery

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Every one wants to get rid of that “tired look”. My philosophy with regard to eyelid aesthetic improvement is to give the person a rejuvenated youthful appearance again, without an “operated upon” look. Upper eyelids usually need as much excess skin removed as possible and still be able to easily close the eyes. Small amount of protruding fat is also excised. The bottom lids usually need more fat removed or displaced and only a small amount of skin/muscle cut out. This leaves one with a “clean” presentation like the look we had in our teens. The incisions are hidden in normal anatomical folds. The shape of the eye, which is determined by shape of our eyelids, remains the same post-op as pre-op. This is critical if one wants to look their normal natural self; i.e. not “operated upon” look. Surgery is performed in approximately one and half to two hours; sutures out in five days. If pre-op instructions are followed, people are able to be seen in public in one week with little make-up. The usual comments from the closest and most observant of friends will be about hair style change or rested-vacation look. This is the measure of a successful result in very little time!