Excess Sun Exposure Can Contribute to Long-Term Dermal Defects

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There are several different structures to your skin. Each dermal layer plays an important role in the health and function of your skin as well as it’s general appearance. Issues related to diet and changes caused by the natural processes of aging can have a profound effect on your skin’s health and appearance.

At the same time excess exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet light without the protection of a high SPF sunblock can also contribute to the development of dermal defects and cosmetic skin issues.

In the summertime fun in the sun and laying out at the beach to catch some rays might seem like a great way to get a nice tan. This tempts some people to forgo using a protective sunblock or using one that has an inadequate SPF factor.

In many of these cases the individual is at risk of a short-term sunburn. Yet even if you avoid any immediate damage to your skin, excess exposure to the sun can lead to other dermal defects.

Sun damaged skin can be increasingly susceptible to the decreased exfoliation associated with the process of skin aging. At the same time hyperpigmentation in your melanocyte cells can lead to gradually worsening dark spots on highly visible parts of your body.

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