Eleven Factors to Consider when Choosing a Plastic Surgeon

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The number of truly qualified surgeons performing cosmetic surgery is being swamped by the number of surgeons and non surgeons practicing aesthetic procedures. Its a wild west show out there and one should take into consideration some important guidelines to help with a happy outcome.

1 Look for a board certified surgeon. The recognized board is the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

2 Make sure the surgeon has operating privileges in a hospital for the procedures you are interested in. Many people have their own facilities but not privileges at a hospital which requires primary sourcing from residency programs. I.E. the physician did not have formal training for that surgery.

3 Surgery is performed in an accredited facility with accredited anesthesia. Safety is important.

4 Experience of the surgeon.

5 Ask to see before and after photos of the surgeon’s work.

6 Explanation of all aspects of the procedure by the surgeon him/herself.

7 If not comfortable, seek a second opinion

8 Ask to speak to physician’s patients. Do not take HIPPA excuses. People love to help another person who is seeking similar surgery.

9 Comfort with the office and the surgeon.

10 You like the person. Your gut feeling is important, as you know from many other life experiences.

11 Referrals from physicians and patients.