Breast Augmentation

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Breast augmentation is a wonderful procedure for those that wish to augment their figures. It is a subject that has many urban legends and has been misunderstood. I wish to simplify this area for everybody and thus make everyone aware of the only differences from this procedure compared to other cosmetic endeavors. Breast augmentation requires the use of a mechanical device made by human beings. As a mechanical object it has the same properties as any other such device such as a car, toaster, glass, etc. They all require maintenance and the probability of repair or replacement. The same is true for breast implants, but the likelihood of replacement of breast implants is much less than with other mechanical devices. When you buy a new car, the chances of replacing that vehicle in the future is 100%; while the need for implant replacement is 15-20%. To put it another way, 80-85% of women with breast augmentation will never need another procedure. Clearly the surgery is not for everyone but for those, that after a thorough consultation, can make that choice for all the right personal reasons.