Breast Augmentation III

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There are a variety of incisions for placement of implants. Some make sense, while others are purely a promotion ploy. The oldest incision has been much maligned in favor of newer and therefore presumably more inventive approaches. The axillary incision is good when the scar is good, but some people develope an enlarged scar in this are which becomes very visible in certain clothes. The nipple areola approach is nice at the very beginning, but as the scar matures it becomes lighter in color and in some cases cotracts causing very visible dimpling. The naval incision is at best a long run (and dangerous) for a short slide. I venture to say that this area is very visible in many of today’s styles. The infra-mammary (bottom fold) approach allows good visualization for safe surgery, easy access, and excellent scars that are in the fold of the breast. My large following of exotic dancers have this incision and are very satisfied with it. Not all that is old is bad. There are reasons why this classic has withstood the test of time.