The Boardroom Look: A Quick Neck Lift for Men and Women

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As a follow up to the  recent tummy tuck post, another procedure that is not limited to women is the neck lift. The discussion is about the various methods to improve the neck other than the traditional surgical method associated with a face lift.

The clean, well-defined, almost chiseled, neck/chin profile is sought after in the boardroom setting as an expression of vigor, youth, and leadership qualities. The clean neck of course is not just limited to business and the demand for a youthful neck is at an all time high. This has lead to multiple “non-surgical” treatments with varying success and consequences.

There are external heat, cold, ultrasound, and pulse light therapies that result in various degrees of temporary success with different lengths of recoveries. Many modalities require more than one treatment over extended periods of time. Other methods include injections into the neck with the need for multiple procedures over time with significant swelling and therefore downtime. Complications involving muscle or nerve injury have been reported.

All of these “non-surgical” methods are relatively blind procedures and therefore are not specific for their targets leading to collateral damage and prolonged healing. One method is different and specific without employing the open technique: laser-liposuction.

This procedure can be accomplished under local as well as sedation and involves four 2mm incisions through which suction of the neck fat is performed, followed by placement of a specific wavelength laser through these incisions to heat the deep dermis to a specific temperature for rapid skin contraction. There is minimal swelling and bruising with this technique. One is able to return to work in 1-2 days time. Near complete resolution occurs within one week. Only one treatment is needed.

You are back in the “boardroom” while other people are still recovering and needing to plan their second, third  treatments.  There is a high price to pay for the so-called “noninvasive” procedures that are blind, nonspecific and anything but noninvasive!

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