Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Rejuvenation): 5 Details to Know

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In my years of providing aesthetic facial improvements the one procedure that everyone wonders about but knows little is “eyelid surgery“. Many legends of misunderstanding have existed and I decided that a quick overview may give more insight. Obviously a personal consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon is needed to address individual anatomy. Five important aspects to consider:

Blepharoplasty offers the most immediate improvement. Centrally located the eyes with age look “tired” because of the excess skin and herniated fat that develops taking away from the center stage which are the eyes. The “side shows” of the lids detract from the eye itself. Removing the excess skin and rearranging the fat cleans up the eyelids making the eyes the center of attention again. This rejuvenates the face immediately and gives the eyes a sparkle. Of all the facial procedures the blepharoplasty gives the “biggest bang for the buck”.

The procedure when executed appropriately never looks like it was operated upon. The shape of the eye is determined by the eyelids and therefore excision should only remove the excesses and not more. The comments from even the most discerning and critical friends revolve around “change in hair style” or  looking “rested”.

Along with the above is the fact that recovery is fast when the person is appropriately prepared. Most people can socialize within 7-10 days with only minimal bruising that can be covered with make-up.

Eyelids come in pairs for each eye! The recommendation is to rejuvenate both upper and lower lids at the same time. Almost one hundred percent of people who elect to improve one set (upper or lower) return for completion. Once the main hurdle has been cleared the lesser one becomes the problem.

The results last a long time! People return for other procedures 15-20 years later with no need to “touch up” eyes!
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